Sunday, May 20, 2007

ICFF Day 2: Wallcoverings

'Chateau 66' from Nama Rococo. Limited edition of 180 sheets. This photo does not do the pattern's really hard to photograph hot pink and metallics!

New design from Erica Wakerly.

'Boxed In' by Wolf Gordon.

Modular wool-felt wall panels from Anne Kyyro Quinn. Each square snaps onto a magnetic frame, allowing for endless combinations and designs.

New patterns from my buddies at Flavor Paper. The top one is real scratch and sniff paper! Below are 'City Park, Party Girl and Flower Pedal'.


Anonymous said...

Hey J!

I hope you're having a great time at the conference! I love the wallpapers and lighting you've seen so far. I think Hector will love the bicycle pattern. Looks like there are a lot of innovative projects there!

Love, Becks


Great coverage, Jaime! love the flavor paper wallpapers!

jaime said...

Hi Becks,

The bicycle one was my favorite too!

jaime said...

Hi imedagoze,

Thanks! ICFF was a lot of fun and the wall coverings were some of the best things there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! This guy is one of my favorite designers ... Small world that he designed for flavor paper too!

Please add me to the Denver Design email list.

Talk soon, keep up the good work; I've got some sweet designers to show you sometime!


jaime said...

Hi Nate,

Dan's designs are awesome - the bicycle one is great. I will definitely add you to the list - we have established monthly meetings on the last Tuesday of every month: place TBD. I'll keep you posted. - J