Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fabric Lab Event

One more item of interest: If you live in the Denver area, 'Haute: Art +Fashion' is opening tonight at the Fabric Lab. 25 local artists will be displaying their work, (including some of my own buddies), so stop by and check out the show.

7 pm - 12 am. The Fabric Lab. 2 blocks west of the Bluebird Theater (Colfax). Denver.

Austrian Design: Sale & Pepe

Next time someone asks you to pass the salt you can just roll it down the table with Soda Design's Sale & Pepe. Magnets hold the two halves together...making it a lot more fun than the box of Morton's I currently use.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Austrian Design: BDF Table Chair

Austria: home of the 'Sound of Music', schnitzel...and some very cool design. For the next few days I'm going to focus on the often overlooked designers of Austria. I've written about a few of them already, (even though I meant to save them for this piece), but there's plenty of good design to go around.

First up is Buchegger, Denoth & Feichtner. Their 'Table Chair' is another clever multi-purpose piece (I seem to be talking about these a lot lately). The concept is simple enough, but it's the bold interior graphics that really grab your attention.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Transformer Table

Just like the average busy person, it seems like today's furniture is expected to function in multiple capacities. Take the 'Campo d'oro' table by the Italian furniture company DePadova. Through a simple system of hinges this table can transform into two desks, three small workstations, a long dining room table and several other clever combinations.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kitchen Floor Bags

I can't make up my mind about this one. Kitchenfloorbags are shoulder bags constructed out of PVC flooring. Their website says they use the end pieces left over from the production process...not quite the same as recycling used flooring, but I guess it's better than just tossing the scraps. I like the idea behind the bag and I appreciate the durability, but something about these doesn't quite make the cut. Maybe I'm just getting thrown off by the ugly samples used in the bags above, but's definitely the cheap black webbing. Well, perhaps if you like Freitag, you'll like these too! (Warning: the website plays some pretty obnoxious music you can't turn off)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Herme Cisca & Mónica Garcia

Oh, how I love the 'Campanela' light by Spanish designers Herme Cisca & Mónica Garcia. The combination of a matte white ceramic cone and a colorful length of rope is about as simple and elegant as design can get. Sometimes you just don't need to complicate things. (found in April's edition of Wallpaper)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Volume of Symbiosis

Ho Chung-Tang's 'Volume of Symbiosis' reminds me of those 3-D pin toys that were all the rage in junior high. Only Tang's version is much bigger, acts as a bookshelf...and seems to work in reverse. By pushing in the wooden blocks, you create a space that's perfectly molded to all your little treasures. I'm sure it's a pain to get the blocks flush again, but hey, how often do you really take the books off the shelf anyway? It's much more important to have the coolest shape-shifting piece of furniture around.

Fabula Ceramic Bags

When I was in Copenhagen last summer I saw these ceramic bags by the Danish company Fabula. This picture doesn't really do the product justice, click to the Fabula website to see a slide show of the bags in use - holding flowers, knitting supplies,'s much more impressive than just an empty sack sitting on a white table.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Maxine Sutton

Just found the work of Maxine Sutton on Bientot Demain. Maxine uses a combination of hand and machine embroidery, screen printing and needle felt punching to create a lovely line of textiles and accessories.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Denyse Schmidt Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Denyse Schmidt while she was in Denver setting-up for her new exhibition at the P Design Gallery. Denyse created six couture quilts specifically for this show, which runs at the P Design Gallery from March 17 - May 12. The day before the opening I recorded Denyse, Paul Hardt (co-owner of P Design Gallery) and myself in designklub's first ever podcast. There is a slide show of images from the exhibition to accompany the piece - many are close-up shots, revealing the beautiful detail in her work. I'll also create a Flickr album of all the images over the weekend.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, I already have plans for several more. (Now that I have spent countless hours in garageband forums and testing my mic, I might as well keep going). Thanks again to Paul and Denyse, it was great talking with both of you!

* Update - The podcast is now available on iTunes! Woohoo iTunes.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Call For Entries: Colorado Designers

What We're Looking For:
This exhibit will showcase products within the realm of current, contemporary design. Submissions are welcomed in all categories including, but not limited to: furniture, home accessories, textiles, wallcoverings, tableware and lighting.

Requirements for Entry:
Students: Must be a current student or Fall 2006 graduate from an accredited Colorado university. Entries due by June 22nd. Professionals: Must be a Colorado resident. Entries due by June 22nd. Update: Show will run from July 14th - August 25th.

Email Us:
3-5 images of your work, artist bio, artist statement and contact information. Contact Paul Hardt. 720.259.2516. 2590 Walnut St., Denver, CO 80205.

This is so exciting! I've been hoping to organize a Colorado-based design show for some time now and am really excited to be working with the wonderful folks at the P Design Gallery to make it happen. So spread the word and send in your goods...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Time Paper

I don't really like clocks and I certainly wouldn't condone using up valuable wall space to display some clunky time piece. But I suppose if you really need time staring you in the face, then 'Time Paper' by D-Bros would be an acceptable option. The beauty of this product lies in it's simplicity. A clock that you can fold up, doodle on, pin to your bulletin other words a clock that doesn't take itself too seriously. That, I can support.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dish It Out

Saw these pretty dishcloths by Atelier LZC in the April issue of Dwell. The bright colors make me think of spring...available for $16 at Rose & Radish.

Sneak Peek: Denyse Schmidt Show

I know what you've been thinking, Jaime hasn't posted for a few days...what a slacker. But really I've been putting together some cool projects just for you. Feel better now?

The first project was recording a podcast with Denyse Schmidt and Paul Hardt, owner of the P Design Gallery in Denver, CO. Denyse's new exhibition of six couture quilts opens there tomorrow and runs through May 15th. If you're not in Denver, I'll be posting tons of photos along with the full interview - hopefully I'll have it altogether by Sunday. The second project I'm really excited about and I'll be announcing it Monday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Journal Show

Alright folks - the first round of entries in our community Journal Show are up in Flickr and ready for your viewing. These are pages from designklub readers' sketchbooks...doodles, collages, drawings and more. I love looking at people's journals and thought this would be a fun open project. I am pretty excited to have gotten submissions from a few far away places.

But what I'd really like is for the rest of you who emailed with interest, thought about emailing or who are seeing this for the very first time to join in too. Send me an email with your favorite sketch, your name and any other info you want to share! The image above was submitted by John from Denver. All copyrights belong to the original artists.

Guiding Light

Now that the inside of your house looks great, how are you going to let the outside world know how hip you really are? With mo man tai's new outdoor lights of course. These stainless steel fixtures are weather-proof and come in three different laser-cut designs. Just what the modern home dweller needs to guide him/her home at night.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Queen of Quilting: Denyse Schmidt

Exciting news...our favorite lady of quilting, Denyse Schmidt, will be coming to Denver this week to open her new show at the P Design Gallery. For anyone in town, this will be an amazing event you won't want to miss. Denyse has created several new couture quilts just for this exhibition. There will be an opening on Friday, March 16th, where you can meet Denyse and view all of her lovely work. I'm also excited to share that I'll be interviewing Denyse during her visit. The interview, along with lots of event photos will be posted on designklub for everyone who couldn't make it.

The exhibition runs 3.17.07 -5.12.07 at the P Design Gallery, 2590 Walnut St. Denver, CO.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


It's strange that I don't have pierced ears, yet I am continually drawn to earrings. I have gone on many a trip where I find amazing earrings made from exotic shells or some other fantastic material, only to find myself wishing I could use them. Yeah, strange. Anyway, for those of you who can actually wear earrings, I think you'll like BtheNV. Each piece is uniquely crafted from recycled magazines and sterling silver by two sisters in Rhode Island. You can be sure that if I wore earrings, I would definitely be getting a pair of these little beauties.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mathias Hahn

Here's a simple solution for accommodating extra guests...grab a couple of Mathias Hahn's 'Unexpected Visitor Guest Stools', which function as a seat or a table. When not in use, the stools can easily be stacked and put away.

Emiko Oki

New tableware with a twist from Japanese designer Emiko Oki. Oki's 'Trophy' set, above, is like having a transformer for your dishes - within the trophy are 7 different pieces ranging from a teapot to an egg cup. This is one of the more clever ideas I have seen in a while. I also like her 'Pint Glass Series', although the wine goblet is the only one of the group that really catches my eye. Not sure an ashtray in a glass is ever an appealing choice...but I'd take a set of those goblets any day. (Via Sub-Studio via Core 77)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Sixixis is the name of the fledgling Cornish studio founded by a trio of recent design graduates. The team produces a line of sustainable products, which are created by steam bending strips of locally-grown ash. They have some pretty wild chairs, but I prefer the simpler items, like these curlicue lights and the flower pot. Each product is finished with natural oils and wax, limiting the use of harmful toxins.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sally McCubbin

The color combinations in these glass 'Chip n Dip' bowls by Toronto based designer Sally McCubbin are great. A beautiful compliment for your next party platter.

I'm down in North Carolina for a few days so the posts may be few and far between until I return next Tuesday. If anyone has suggestions of places to check out in Raleigh, Asheville or out by the coast let me know. It can be good design, good food, good bluegrass...anything.