Friday, June 13, 2008

Pop Quiz

For all you font fanatics out there, does anyone know what this type is? Or have a suggestion of something that's similar? Thanks!


Unknown said...

I cut a chunk out of the image and ran it through What The Font. The results it gave me where:

Engschrift DIN-D

Interstate Regular Condensed

Tivoli Regular

I don't think any of these are IT, but all of them are pretty similar to what you're looking for.

jaime said...

What the font - that's such a cool website. Thanks for your help Johnny!

Matthew said...

Another image of that font:
1 or see it in use in these .PDFs: 1, 2

I found it!
It is Gravur Condensed Light. Found via a handy Flickr group

Matthew said...

it might also be Miso
Miso is free

Anonymous said...

That is Gravur Condensed alright. MISO is even more condensed, most obvious if you look at "J" or "M".