Thursday, May 22, 2008

ICFF 2008: Lighting Part 1

All in all, ICFF was rather lackluster this year, although there were a few gems in the crowd. The new 'Cloud' lights by Molo (top) were some of my favorites, although they are not yet in production. Hopefully they will sell them both with and without the light fixture itself because they looked really wonderful with just the ambient light coming down from above.

Ango displayed another unusual piece this year which I, of course, loved. Perhaps it's because it resembled a lava tube, but the 'Twig' light was fascinating. To make the lamp they coated it with tapioca powder and applied heat, giving it the cracked appearance. Josh Urso experimented with new fabrics, creating a much softer (and nicer) look than his previous resin dipped pieces.

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