Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Together with Camper

Jaime Hayon recently completed the design of two new Camper stores in Barcelona and London. In signature Hayon style, the project - entitled 'Together with Camper', includes tables from his 'Showtime' collection, the creation of several new terra cotta lamps and a poppin' red resin floor.


Anonymous said...

oh that floor!!! that floor!!!
i was hoping you were going to say there is a camper store in denver. i am thinking of working towards opening a boutique...you will have to help me figure out what is desperately needed!

Anonymous said...

The chairs, tables and lamps are nearly exact copies of various Dutch designers recent work. What a plagiarism and how INAUTHENTIC :(

jaime said...

Hi Anon,

That's a pretty bold statement - Jaime Hayon is something of a genius, so I'd like to see you back that up with some names and examples. The fact is Hayon is producing some of the most daring and creative work out there right now.