Friday, June 22, 2007

Sparks: Keetra Dean Dixon

Keetra Dean Dixon is moving right up the ranks on my list of designers to watch. I wrote about her 'Everything will be OK' bedspread earlier this week, but wanted to share more of her fascinating work.

Now I'm a big fan of public art in general, but I love it when installations are hidden and meant to be discovered. Much of Keetra's work aims to, "encourage patience and optimism in unexpected circumstances."

This can be seen in her series 'Little Public Plaques', in which tiny messages are left throughout the city and in her 'Photobooth' project. The booth was left in semi-public spaces with no explanation as to it's extra qualities. Users posed for photos as normal, but then received pictures which were, "analyzed and customized with forecasts consisting of patterns, symbols and messages."


Anonymous said...

Keetra is my current Short Duration Personal Saviour...

Anonymous said...

mine too... *sigh* :)