Monday, June 11, 2007

Gobble Coat Hanger

I have a love/hate relationship with coat racks. Most are way too big and take up way too much space, only to sit unused a majority of the time. The problem is, they are useful...and so the search continues for a coat rack that won't make me cringe.

The 'Gobble' coat hanger by Thomas Bernstrand is a nice compromise. The hooks are attached by elastic - meaning it's compact and unobtrusive when not in use and can expand to hold numerous items when needed. Simple, small, functional...not bad.


Michelle Linden said...

I feel you pain... I'm actually slightly obsessed with coat racks (I've been keeping a record of some nice ones on my blog). If designed well, they can be unobstrusive, beautiful, and functional. But, if poorly designed they can be an eyesore and a waste of space. Thanks for finding this great one... I'm going to add it to my list!

jaime said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the note! You should also check out the Cube Rack and Symbol by Desu...I covered both on designklub, they are shining lights in a sea of ugly coat racks.

Anonymous said...

got a link jaime?