Monday, June 25, 2007


Just a quick note to share that I will now be writing in two other locations in addition to designklub. First, the mecca of design blogs, MoCo Loco, asked me to join their ranks of contributing editors, which I very, very happily accepted. Check out my posts there for the latest and greatest in cutting edge design.

Second, in my quest to get the Denver design world spinning, I'll be helping out at Mod Livin's new blog, Furnish. This site will focus more on styling tips/ideas for the home, a whole area I don't get to explore with designklub, so I'm really excited to be working with them!

Hope you get the chance to visit both sites - a full spectrum of design and decor...let's just hope my croquet game doesn't suffer from all these new ventures!


Anonymous said...

Awesome for you! Will definitely check out the blogs for more great insights.

pablo said...


Anna said...

hey jaime! congrats...that is really so great! I love mocoloco...(and designklub!)

Anonymous said...

yay! felicidades!

jaime said...

Hi Susan, Paul, Anna and Risa,

Thanks for all your kind words!

Anonymous said...

congrats, J.