Saturday, May 19, 2007

ICFF Day 1: designboom mart

Today was the first day of ICFF and I didn't even make it halfway through the exhibits...but what I did see included some great design. I wanted to start off by posting some highlights from the designboom mart. I really like this area of the exhibition because it's where all the little guys get to show their work. There was so much energy and enthusiasm from the participants - the atmosphere was like a "weekend flea market" as Angela of INV/ALT so rightly described it. Below are a few of my favorites...

'frame' vase by design - almost any water bottle will fit right in!

Denver's own: INV/ALT's awesome 'Snap cups'

Ceramic 'Candelabra Cups' by design student Aimee Whitehead

'The Bend' - three versions of a fruit bowl by Israeli designer Eli Chissick (The one on the right is actually a continuous piece of plywood that bends due to it's unique cut)

Jed Crystal's cool crochet lamps

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