Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spotted in Milan

Since no one offered to send me to Milan, I guess we're going to have to rely on the keen eye of others to help spot the best of the best being shown in Italy. Two interesting designs that I've seen so far are these great chairs by the ever popular Bouroullec brothers and the 'Insert Coin' shelving system by Nils Holger Moormann. Continuing with the trend of adjustable furniture, this wall unit allows you to slide the shelves into any of the pre-made slots, offering endless combinations and a very snappy bookshelf. (Chairs via Reluct and Shelf via Core77)


Anonymous said...

I want those bookshelves!
Sorry I was on hiatus for so long...I even scanned some sketchbook pages for you; although they're at home, of course.

But the site is great! You have taken it to the next level J.


Phoebe said...

i love these. makes me realize that any bookshelf could get a shot of insta-cool if you mounted them on the wall. i've always thought the average bookcase looks a little dowdy sitting there clumsily on the floor.
thanks! xp