Friday, April 27, 2007

Sparks: NONdesigns Bubbles

Every Friday I feel like I should be posting something a little more inspiring than just the latest cool product. Like many of you, I like to use my weekends for more creative pursuits and would appreciate seeing something amazing to get me going.

So, starting today I'll be posting Friday Sparks. Some posts will still be cool designs - although they'll have to be truly ingenious to make the cut - but many will be outside the product realm. The focus may be a fascinating designer (like Terunobu Fujimori), new materials or just simply a wondrous sight.

We're starting with the creative team at NONdesigns. Well known for their hit TOPO table from last year's ICFF, the LA-based designers also work on a number of awe-inspiring installations. One of my favorites is BUBBLES, an interactive project consisting of 16 inflatable balloons packed into a 25'x50' space. To manage their tight environment the bubbles inflate and deflate in reaction to a visitor's movements. I just love these majestic balloons and they look so beautiful all lit up.

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Nice idea and great post!