Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sally McCubbin

The color combinations in these glass 'Chip n Dip' bowls by Toronto based designer Sally McCubbin are great. A beautiful compliment for your next party platter.

I'm down in North Carolina for a few days so the posts may be few and far between until I return next Tuesday. If anyone has suggestions of places to check out in Raleigh, Asheville or out by the coast let me know. It can be good design, good food, good bluegrass...anything.


Anonymous said...

definitely check out the river arts district. lots of cool crafts and a wide variety of art mediums. for food you shouldnt leave town without going to the tupelo honey cafe great breakfast and food in general.

Anonymous said...

Have a good trip! Just make sure you eat Shrimp Burgers while you're there.

Anonymous said...

hi,frist time come ,interesting and nice here.i also study design in Germany,i am a chinese girl,you come from Asian also?

jaime said...

Thanks for tips! I did check out the River Arts District - what a cool area...I missed the Tupelo Cafe, but did get to another great place called the Laughing Seed - great veg/vegan food.

Anonymous said...

color combos are great??....u need an eye transplant!