Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Desktop Design

These days you can customize your own sneakers, tee-shirts - even computers. Why not throw in the kitchen table too? Desktop Design is an Austrian company who is making tabletop dreams come true with their fun laminate creations. Customers can choose from one of Desktop's pre-made designs (as seen above) or send in an image of their own. Personally, I'd stick with a pattern over a single, enlarged graphic...not only will it stay in style longer - it's less distracting too. That photo of your cat may look cute now, but by next year you probably won't want to be staring into Fluffy's giant face every day as you sip your morning coffee.


Anonymous said...

they look cool in the pic. just think they'd be cooler if they weren't prints and had some actual texture

jaime said...

I agree, but then it may not be very functional as a kitchen table, eh? Anyway, I'm not a big fan of their graphics either.