Friday, February 02, 2007

Demakersvan Dreams

The Demakersvan team is on a roll. The Dutch designers recently teamed up with Fatboy to create a new laptop bag that's made from the same material used in bulletproof vests (the streets of Rotterdam must be tough). In addition, their ingenious 'Lace Fence' is finally going into production. Expect to see decorative fences popping up in industrial yards everywhere. Well, we can hope at least. I'm taking the weekend off to spend time with some out-of-town friends, see you Monday with a tasty treat (hint, hint).


The Admiral said...

Hey, Nate here.
So where's the delicious surprise?
And what about that Flavor Paper interview?

Kidding. Keep up the good work, and check this guy out:

Good stuff. I like the plates.

jaime said...

Well buck-a-roo, some of us have day jobs AND a sore throat. Got it up now though...enjoy!

Nice find with the plates...golden star.