Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Finds and Open Project #2

I love looking at other people's sketchbooks. Seeing how people's ideas translate onto paper -whether it be doodles, collages or precise blueprints. Journals let you see an artist in his/her most uninhibited state and that's what makes it so exciting. My friend Arden and I used to sit for hours making collages, while drinking tea and listening to records. These images are from the 'My Moleskine' exhibit in Japan.

OPEN PROJECT #2: I'd like to put together an online show of people's sketchbooks. I'm going to start with my own friends, but I'm spreading the call to all of you as well. What makes the web such a wonderful place is the sharing of ideas, and that's ideally what designklub is all about. If you'd like to participate send me a photo from your journal with a sentence or two about the work, yourself, your breakfast - I don't really care. Once I get a good number going I'll post them at Flickr and open the gates for our online enjoyment. To join in, email me here.

1 comment:

The Admiral said...

Count me in!!!
I have to remember to just scan some stuff for you ...
Am I limited to one page? I have a zillion sketchbooks to pick from ...

Anyhow, iced tea on the porch, saying hi to your neighbors...that's Denver in the summertime!