Thursday, January 04, 2007


Not sure if I'll get to posting again until Sunday, since hopefully I'll be heading into the mountains. So here's two for tomorrow. I first saw Metaphys on MoCo Loco last year and have been checking in on the Japanese company ever since. Their 'Factory' and 'Frame' planters are perfect for adding some green to the great indoors. The pieces can be stacked, hung or simply laid flat on your coffee table.

Another nice Metaphys item is their 'Node' wall outlet. You can't use it in the US - but in Japan they have flat plugs, so they get the stylish outlets. The smart little system allows you to fit numerous plugs within its grooves and it can sense/warn you of upcoming power surges.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you know of a way to purchase these in the states?! I love them!

jaime said...

I've searched all over for a stateside retail option, but so far haven't found any. However, Metaphys does have a web shop(albeit in Japanese).

Perhaps with a currency converter and a few emails to the Metaphys team you may be able to work something out. Let me know how it goes!