Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's a Doosey

Take the classic lampshade, add a few more classic lampshades and then spice them up with a pleasing assembly of wild fabrics. I like it. The 'Doosey Lights' by POLKA are a fun take on the traditional lamp. Every light that's produced is limited edition - when they run out of one fabric they add in another, so you never know which creative combo you are going to get.


Anonymous said...

So far, off to a good start this year! The architecture below is stunning (to say the least), and the kids in flight certainly speaks for itself. Cheers to DesignKlub!!!


jaime said...

And Nate, you have been named Member of the Year! For 2006 that have to work for 2007.

Thanks for all your great comments, J