Friday, December 01, 2006

Kebab Light

If you haven't noticed already, I have a fondness for eclectic collections. When I have visions of my future home, the dining room table is surrounded by fantastic mismatched chairs. And somewhere in this dream house is the Kebab Light by Committee.

Made from random household objects skewered onto a light post, each lamp is completely different and tells a story of its own. Plastic trinkets intertwine with porcelain figurines to create lights with wonderful names like 'Heartache' (left) and 'Disco Rabbit' (right). The Deptford-based design duo who came up with this totem of delight says that the lamps offer a way to keep your, "...treasured possessions whilst simultaneously keeping them tidy." (And keeping your living room fun.)


Anonymous said...

I too have a fondness for all things eclectic. I adore the whimsy and funky lamps.. tres cool!

Anonymous said...

where can these be bought?