Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Studio Job: Perished

I know that I recently did a post on Studio Job, but I absolutely love their 'Perished' collection and had to share it. Maybe its because I used to do exhibit design and spent my days painstakingly painting fossil casts that I am so drawn to these pieces, but I think their work can be universally adored. The collection includes wooden tables, benches, wardrobes and screens finished in black and inlaid with the hand cut images of animal fossils. The colors are perfect and so is Studio Job.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks great! The site is really coming along (and the writing is even improving too [is that possible{yes!}?]!).

Please help me to find some sweet mod bookshelves for my house! I am totally in a bind (pun intended)!

jaime said...

Hi Nate,

I've got a few ideas...I'll do a little research and post some bookshelves this weekend.

I did see a pretty great DIY bookshelf in this month's Ready Made too if you're feeling crafty. It's made from old drawers stood on end.

Happy Thanksgiving, J