Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Paper Part 4: Wallcoverings

While Tracy Kendall's wall coverings are not new to the design scene, her innovative approach is certainly worth a mention. Tracy is a master of detail and many of her designs include hand-sewn additions such as buttons and sequins. Another line called "In the White Room," (above) uses individually cut and stitched pieces of paper to create a fluttering, 3-dimensional effect.

I wanted to include a profile on French paper artist Pierre Pozzi as well, but I have not been able to find any photos of his work. I have sent an email to him so hopefully we'll get some info soon! If you get a chance take a look at his kraft paper installation which was shown in the Nov./Dec. Vogue Living Australia.


Anonymous said...

sorry for my english
I was surprised when I read your note about me and very touched by your impression.
So, I never have your email. Have you my address ?

nice to read you and I wait for your answer,

pierre pozzi

jaime said...
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jaime said...

Hi Pierre,

I have sent a few emails to you, hopefully you have received them.