Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wanting Juana

It's tough selecting your very first post, but I didn't need to think long before deciding on the amazing Juana de Arco. This Buenos Aires-based fashion label has a boutique in the city's trendy Palermo district. On a recent vacation I was lucky enough to stumble across their shop and ended up visiting three more times while I was in town.

Juana de Arco's candy-colored lingerie and clothing lines are some of the most imaginative and delightful fashion I have seen. And the atmosphere of the store itself is nothing short of a Dr. Suess wonderland. With whimsical clothes filling all corners and employees fluttering around with feathered wings, you can't help but feel you're in a different world. You can find Juana de Arco at 4762 El Salvador or, for a far away glimpse into the land of enchantment, visit their website

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