Sunday, October 29, 2006


Knitta Please is the name of the Houston-based knitting crew that is brightening up everything from lampposts to subway handrails with their colorful cozies. With each tag the gang leaves behind a calling card that includes the URL to their myspace page. A clever and beautiful new form of street art that is also useful way to use up all your leftover yarn.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this before!
It's awesome in theory, but what happens after it gets all gnarly and gross from the weather?

Still a cool idea. It's more like Christo style Environmental Art to me.


jaime said...
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jaime said...

Eeww, I didn't think of the weather factor - wet wool is gross. Luckily in Colorado it's pretty dry, so if you want to go knit cozies for some parking meters Nate you just let me know.

On a side note, Stephen thinks it's a sham and just a clever marketing ploy for them to use graffiti slang - I told him to lighten up.
Any thoughts?