Sunday, December 02, 2007

INV/ALT's Picks: Nick Leigh

OK, I'm ready to stop my griping about the lack of good coat hook designs out there. I've finally seen some good ones - including these from Nick Leigh, which Angela spotted at the designboom mart in Tokyo. Available in multiple colors and single, 3 and 5 hook designs.


3-dhooks said...

One set of good design ideas for coat hooks is the really useful set of coat hooks from It's specialty line of hooks and hanging devices should be seen to be believed. The 23 or 28 cm Bullnoser Hooks are quite remarkable. Functional and stylish too.

Unknown said...


PM said...

This is such a blatant copy of wooden hooks made by Richard Shed in London.

We know Richard for a long time and have long since seen and used these hooks