Thursday, May 21, 2009

ICFF: Cranbrook

During ICFF, I spent most of my time scouring the off-site exhibitions for MoCo Loco. Over the next few weeks you can read many, many posts over there. However, I did make it to the Javitts Center for a few hours and came across some interesting new items.

Some of my favorite places to stop are the booths containing student work. Cranbrook's collection was called 'Innate Gestures', items that have been designed to interact with the the user through "natural sensory cues" thus enhancing the function and pleasure the object brings.

Above are the 'Newspaper Table' and 'Magazine Hanger' by Isaac Yu Chen, 'Symmetrican' by Saebyul Lim, and 'Triad' by Talha Khwaja. With the glut of "stuff" at ICFF, these objects were beautiful in their simplicity.

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