Friday, May 23, 2008


I have noticed that I get a surprisingly large number of hits for the open projects listed on the side bar, but yet no one is adding to them. The side of the Denver Art Museum still looks awful, I am still wanting to help design an amazing space here in Denver and sharing art/design from your journal is always awesome. People have written to me asking about the Denver Design Project, but the answer is no - no one has stepped up. This is just a friendly reminder all of these projects are open for contribution.

Also, I am looking for a local web designer to help me make some changes to designklub. Asking around has not gotten me very far, but I know the talent is here. If you are a designer who is looking for a side project in exchange for friendship, fun and I guess, money, please email me! design(dot)klub(at)

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Anonymous said...

What sort of re-design are you thinking about for designklub? I might be able to provide what you want. Shoot me an email.