Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Other Half

Jim Rokos designed 'My Other Half' as an experiment in sharing. The wine glasses are linked together by a tube, which means the drinkers must sip in tandem or risk overflowing their partner's glass. Interesting, but I'll stick to using my own cup thanks.


Johnny said...

I hate to come off like a know-it-all (because really, I know almost nothing), but wouldn't the level in both glasses always be the same? Because of air pressure and...uh, surface tension,, molecules and stuff. That is, if you took a sip from one, wouldn't the level of the wine lower in both glasses? It's not like you're siphoning gasoline, there wouldn't be a vacuum between the two.

(I really like your site Jaime. I read a lot of design blogs, and you always feature links I haven't seen elsewhere. Sorry this pedantic comment is my first contribution to the site!)

jaime said...

Hi Johnny,

That's alright, design discussions are always welcome. I think gravity is your driving force here.

If one person lifts his/her glass, gravity will help the liquid flow down and into the other person's cup. If they are lifted in tandem there is more of a balance. That's my take, any other thoughts?

Thanks for the note Johnny - I'm glad you like the site, sometimes it takes an awfully long time to find original content!