Thursday, December 06, 2007

Denver Design Guide

Denver has a lot going for it and the design community here just keeps getting better. If you plan on visiting our fair city or are just looking for some new places check out, take a look at the Denver Design Guide I put together for design*sponge.

The guide includes a listing of local stores separated by category: Modern Home, Gifts & Decor, Fashion & Accessories, Unique Finds and Coffee & Tea. I also made three mini-neighborhood tours for East Colfax, Broadway and Downtown/Platte for those of you that want to make a day of it. If you have suggestions of other great spots (yes, I know I forgot the Mercury Cafe-I do love that place) feel free to leave them below. Photo by designisfine - thanks for the city shot Celeste! And thanks to Grace for sharing Denver's design scene with her readers.


Todd said...

What an awesome list. I just came across the Fabric Lag a couple days ago. That place looks to be worth a visit.

another furniture shop I like is The Furniture Room. It's not the most cutting edge modern, but the prices are pretty good.

Anyway I'll mention your guide on Denver Modern Homes.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to Colorado College? CC + design is like macaroni and cheese.

jaime said...

Hi Todd,

Thanks for the link and for the suggestion!

Hi Anon,

I would say CC + design is more like a delicious bread turned into french toast plus fresh maple syrup.