Friday, November 02, 2007

Rainbow Right: Fernando Brizio

Fernando Brizio is a Portuguese designer who has been making waves in recent years. In 2005 he created 'Painting with Giotto #1', a vase which was made by embedding felt tip pens into the edge of a ceramic bowl. The resulting bleed of colors makes each vase unique. Produced in a limited edition of 20 pieces.


Anonymous said...

Conheço-o há mts anos...Este tipo é um escultor com mania que é designer ;-)

Anonymous said...

it's great
the colorful bowl !
why didn't I think of that ?
I've added link to you

Unknown said...

Anonymous...not sure Jaime understands portuguese! ;)

Acho que ele é escultor E designer, o que torna esta peça muito muito interessante. :)

Anonymous said...

do you think daniel eatock was inspired by this peace? i don't think so as he is a geniouse, but both are nice concepts if a bit similar

Anonymous said...

ser escultor é menos válido que ser designer? ou o que interessa aqui é a peça?

Anonymous said...

I want to borrow this work for a museum exhibition - anyone know where or from whom I can borrow it? ie. does he have a gallery?