Friday, September 28, 2007

Sparks: Magnetosphere Quilt

The intersection of science and design has always been fascinating to me, and I'm not talking leaf motifs on pillows - I mean true mega-nerd, ultra-geek combinations. Like this fellow from San Fransisco who creates amazingly beautiful images and video through processing. He gave an image he created of the magnetosphere (top) to his very talented mom who translated into quilt form (bottom).

Not only are the colors and design great, but the craftsmanship is amazing too. Not being able to find a wide enough fabric for the backing she used one inch squares for the entire project. She should team up with Denyse Schmidt!

If you like nerdy science imagery like me (after all I named my kickball team Science for the People), you should check out the rest of Robert's site, especially the butterfly project.


Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful and I am not normally a quilt kind of person...beautiful..come check out the shiny squirrel shop when yuo get a chance!

Raf M said...

Yup, its worthy enough to sell! Ive always thought quilts come in 4-sided, right-angled patterns. But circles?? Very out of the box.
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