Monday, September 10, 2007

Back and Off Track?

It's amazing how many people write to make sure you're OK if you stop writing a blog for a few weeks. Maybe it's the cold snap that brought me back, but I'll be here with regular posting again...with a few changes. There are a whole slew of design blogs out there, but on designklub I try to weed out the cute and only share the most unusual, wonderful and extraordinary pieces. That being said, it's not easy finding these amazing things everyday, so expect regular - but not daily posting. I'd rather post a handful of worthwhile items every week, than fill these pages with needless talk about sales at Anthropologie or another embroidered pillow.

Whew...had to get that out. Also, I would like to to start translating all this talk into action, not just for myself, but in conjunction with the readers who enjoy designklub. We're a small, but passionate group. There's no point in me writing about all these interesting finds if they don't inspire something greater, right? I half-heartedly attempted this with the Journal Show (which you can still contribute to...) but let's think of some more creative ways for us to start producing our own amazing projects together. I have some ideas, but I would love yours as well.

First project will be explained in the next post. Thanks for your continued support - Jaime
(image by Tauba Auerbach via HI+LOW)

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Lenny said...

Glad to see you are back at it...