Friday, July 06, 2007

Sparks: TransPlastic

The concept behind Humberto and Fernando Campana's latest project 'TransPlastic' is pure genius. The collection tells the fictional story of how nature reacts to the mass quantities of synthetic materials we've produced by running rampant and overgrowing it. The series is on display right now at the Albion Gallery in London and includes seating, lighting and tables.

However, when you look at the top image it is clear which pieces are the most successful. The 'Illuminated Meteors' (aka blobs of light) seem unfinished as if the bulbs themselves were an afterthought, while the single chairs are too similar in form to the original shapes. The best of the collection by far are the larger, amorphous multi-seat creations. They are the ones that hold true to the story - nature growing wild over everything plastic in its path. They leave much more to the imagination than just a single plastic chair that happens to be surrounded by wicker.

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