Friday, May 25, 2007

Sparks: The Wrong Store

"It's really a collection of all of our favorite things," is how Tobias Wong and Gregory Krum described the products in their most recent project, The Wrong Store. Located in a small storefront in West Chelsea, The Wrong Store is a guerrilla concept in the form of a pop-up shop. The catch is you can't enter the store and you can't buy anything, at least not individually. You see, the goods in the Wrong Store come as all or nothing package.

Nearly three years after Tobias's 'Terminal 5' project in JFK (an installation which sadly only lasted three days), a new store has come to life, this time in a 6' x 10' room. The small space didn't stop Tobias and Gregory, Retail Director for the Cooper-Hewitt, from assembling an amazing collection of limited edition, and in some cases one-of-a-kind pieces, that blend art, fashion and design.

The Wrong Store is truly window shopping at its finest, only you'll have to get your wistful watching in soon because this little shop will only be open for two months. Thanks again to Tobias for being the nicest guy at ICFF, from giving me a mini-tour of the shop to getting my friends into an overcrowded party, meeting him was one of the highlights of Design Week.

Take a look of at some of the highlights from The Wrong Store below.

A passerby glances past the "Come in...we're closed" sign outside The Wrong Store.

Everything in it's place... the perfectly curated desk.

Five shelves of goods...

Yves Behar's 'Monster' sculpture and sunglasses by Bless.

Close-up of the sunglasses by Bless.

'Helmet' - a hand crocheted gas mask affixed to a helmet by Hella Jongerius and the 'Totem Doppelganger by Anton Ginzburg for Kid Robot.

'Money Cube' by Dean MacGregor and 'Brush #2' by Fredrickson Stallard.

'One Minute Sculpture' by Marcel Wanders, 'Vase' by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and 'ExoLight' by Laurent Massaloux.

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