Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kastrup Sea Bath

The Kastrup Sea Bath outside of Copenhagen is a perfect example of the Danish aesthetic. A simple clean design ,which incorporates the natural elements. The curved shape beckons bathers out from the shore and protects them from the wind once they arrive. While the wooden structure is beautifully designed, what I love most is simply the idea of creating a space for a sea bath. It's an entirely different experience than walking into the water from the beach, where most people never venture out over their head. And it looks amazing lit up at night...a lovely amphitheater out in the sea. (via plataforma arquitectura)

I'm off to NY to cover ICFF, but I'll be back on Friday to report on some of the local shops I've been wanting to check out.

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Anonymous said...

...genius. hope the water isnt too cold.