Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Design in Denver

Do you live in Denver? Do you love design? Well we're starting a group for all the Denver design lovers out there and the first meeting is coming up! Join us at the Walnut Room on Tuesday, May 29th at 6:30 p.m. Whether your interests are in graphic, industrial, product or interior design - all are welcome. The goal is to build a stronger design community in town where we can meet fellow designers, share (and create local events) and just talk about design. Plus it will be right after ICFF so there should be lots to talk about...

Also, keep your eyes on the right hand column of designklub, where I will be starting a 'Design in Denver' section with upcoming events. If you have an event you would like posted, just send me an email.

Design in Denver community meeting
Tuesday, May 29th 6:30 p.m.
The Walnut Room, 3101 Walnut St. Denver, CO


Andy Bosselman said...

Does the AIGA Colorado know about this event? What's ICFF? -- Andy

jaime said...

Hi Andy,

To answer your question: probably not formally, although people may have heard about it through word of mouth. This meeting was really the result of a few of us sitting around talking about wanting to develop a design community in Denver that was broader than just one discipline (although the folks who were sitting around with me are all involved in interior product or industrial design, for which there is no community).

Since this will be the first meeting we are really just trying to spread the word through people we know and we can get a more cohesive plan going later.

Definitely tell anyone you think would be interested (including AIGA)...ICFF is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair that will be happening in NY this week. I'll be covering it here if you're interested!