Sunday, March 18, 2007

Time Paper

I don't really like clocks and I certainly wouldn't condone using up valuable wall space to display some clunky time piece. But I suppose if you really need time staring you in the face, then 'Time Paper' by D-Bros would be an acceptable option. The beauty of this product lies in it's simplicity. A clock that you can fold up, doodle on, pin to your bulletin other words a clock that doesn't take itself too seriously. That, I can support.

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Unknown said...

Stunning!! I went to their website but unfortunately it's all in Japanese so I've asked a Japanese friend if they can tell me if they have any actual stores in Japan, or else how/where one can buy their products. I'm taking a trip to Tokyo in October, so hope I can check out their store(s)! That's one thing I love about Tokyo...the shopping! They have so much cool, unique, beautifully-executed stuff there.