Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Denyse Schmidt Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Denyse Schmidt while she was in Denver setting-up for her new exhibition at the P Design Gallery. Denyse created six couture quilts specifically for this show, which runs at the P Design Gallery from March 17 - May 12. The day before the opening I recorded Denyse, Paul Hardt (co-owner of P Design Gallery) and myself in designklub's first ever podcast. There is a slide show of images from the exhibition to accompany the piece - many are close-up shots, revealing the beautiful detail in her work. I'll also create a Flickr album of all the images over the weekend.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, I already have plans for several more. (Now that I have spent countless hours in garageband forums and testing my mic, I might as well keep going). Thanks again to Paul and Denyse, it was great talking with both of you!

* Update - The podcast is now available on iTunes! Woohoo iTunes.


Anonymous said...

hi jaime! i noticed the post about yout design show on design*sponge and got super excited. i rarely come across colorado bloggers and yours is fabulous. i will be moving to denver in august and am happy to learn about some exciting things going on. denyse shmidt, swoon! muchas gracias!

jaime said...

Hi Risa,

Thanks! Denver does have a surprising amount of wonderful art, craft and even a little bit of design happening...email me when you're in town and I'll send you a list of fun places and events to check out. A little Denver starter kit! Thanks again for the nice comments, I hope you keep reading.

Anonymous said...

thank you!
i'll definitely be in touch...
and will keep reading. :)

sarah shepherd said...

Absolutely fantastic! I'm a textile designer who works fast a furiously creating fabrics for costumes that appear on the big screen. I'm exhausted with the process and am in desperate need of some inspiration. Denise Schmidt's interview was perfect. Her enthusiasm for the tradition, history, authenticity of her work has got my creative insides girgling. I just got my visual diary (sketch/scrap book) out for the first time in 6 months. Brilliant.

jaime said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks! I also admire Denyse's decision to embrace tradition and follow her own path. Especially when she talking about future projects and avoiding the 'obvious choices'. A lot of other designers may have licensed out their work for profit, but Denyse seems to be more interested in exploring the rich history of the craft. She is a wonderful person to talk to - I've found myself wanting to get back to crafting more too!

Anonymous said...


Well done! I finally downloaded the interview from itunes and listened to it. Your interview was nicely put togother, interesting, and flowed very well. The sound was great, too! Can't wait for more.


jaime said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks! I feel like we need start craft club again, maybe bi-weekly.