Friday, January 26, 2007

Tagged! by Domino

I’ve been tagged by Catherine at Domino magazine in a little game of internet show and tell. I’m supposed to reveal 5 interesting things about myself – here goes:

1. I own two cookbooks: ‘Everything Tastes Better With Bacon’ and ‘The Garden of Vegan.’ Every year I host two dinner parties centered around each theme. My friends pick which party they want to attend (it’s pretty much divided down party lines with the veggies/vegans at one and the meat people at the other). The vegan party is always delicious and the bacon party is always a little disgusting (but delicious). And yes even the desserts have bacon - this year I made a bacon apple pie!

2. I have an irrational fear of moths. I think it’s their unpredictability that unnerves me.

3. I can’t decide where to live. So far I’ve tried Boston, Austin, DC, New Orleans and Denver and I’m still not settled. Ideally I want to live somewhere that is: warm, by the ocean, affordable and in a decent size city. Any suggestions?

4. I like NASCAR, much to the embarrassment of my friends. If I had loads of money I’d rent an RV, travel the NASCAR circuit for a summer and write a book about it. If any NASCAR representatives read this, want to sponsor my dream? A design girl travels with the NASCAR guys!

5. My friend Becky and I are co-captains of a kickball team called 'Science for the People'. Our team colors are midnight blue and fuchsia and our team pattern is argyle.

I’m going to tag Anna of Sub-Studio, the ladies at Sabine Brandt, Fieltromania and Face Hunter. Posts to come later!


Blogging Masterclass said...

I can totally relate to #3...

Hmmm... What about Chicago (not warm though)... Or Savannah maybe??? Um Savannah sounds rather nice actually. They have such affordable rentals in the downtown historical district, and beautiful architecture, and ocean, and they are so hospitable there. Also there's always SCAD for taking fun night classes and meeting others who love art and design. I grew up just over the border in South Carolina and loved it down there. But, after being up north for so long, I don't know if I could move back down south. It's something I battle with. I still have family down there and love how warm it always is... Smiling Faces, it's nice.

Have you ever tried that Find Your Spot website? It's really fun to take the survey... Let me dig up the link. I'll be back.


Blogging Masterclass said...


uh, duh - rather obvious now that I look at the link! he he

jaime said...

Hi Holly,

Savannah does sound nice, I've thought about Charleston too. I'm taking a trip to NC next month and going to drive out to the coast.

Somehow I feel like I belong where people sit on front porches, drink iced tea and say hello to their neighbors. Maybe I have an overly romantic view of the south, but I just love it. Unfortunately all my friends are's hard starting over.

That website is fun - it gave me 5 different towns in LA...hmm.