Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Friend Swap

OK - I want to up the ante with the swap project I mentioned below. I would like to find a group of friends somewhere out there who would be interested in doing a 'Friend Swap.' My friends and I will put together a project (or many,many projects) - maybe crafts, maybe a photo book, maybe mix tapes, maybe some embroidered tee-shirts... maybe all of the above. Meanwhile, somewhere across the globe, you and your creative friends are busy working on your own fun projects. When we're done, we swap. It's like an adult version of pen pals, but taken to a new, way more awesome level. Send an email if you're interested. (I think you're in for a treat.)


jaime said...

I am posting this on behalf of Nate, who couldn't get through.

Friend Swap:

Great Idea!
I can contribute some limited edition prints of rock and roll posters I have designed...I can pick out the best ones and have them printed.
Keep me posted.


jaime said...

And now I'll respond...

Thanks Nate! I'll keep you in the loop, I'm sure there are members of toy club who will have some fun projects too.

Anonymous said...

Such a cool idea! It would be great to get a lot of people involved and document the results. Very fun.