Friday, December 08, 2006

Tramando's Textiles

Well now I have to go back to Buenos Aires. Somehow I missed Martin Churba's Tramando headquarters while I was there (how could anyone miss this?). The Argentinean mastermind, who gained fame for his fashions, is now taking his design philosophy into the world of interiors.

Creating objects made from recycled textile remnants, Tramando is warming up the home with everything from book covers to light fixtures (above). Tramando believes that woven fabrics create an, "embracing emotional landscape," which, "beckons touching and establishes close-knit bonds with the user." Although I am only familiar with a handful of Argentinean designers, I am blown away by the originality and honesty of their work. It only makes the gluttony of generic design floating around out there seem all the more uninspired. Tramando has the right idea: if you're going to create, do it with heart.

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