Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The tough part about having a blog is that you have to reveal all your secrets - but sometimes these things are for the best. Such is the case with Supayana, a clothing line created by Brooklyn-based designer Yana Gorbulsky. Yana makes an amazing line of unique, handmade tops that have fanciful features ranging from ruffles to bows. But don't mistake these shirts for being all sugar and no spice - Yana's tops are sassy and made for the girl who wants to set herself apart from the crowd. Her online shop is updated regularly and her goods are also posted weekly on eBay.

Now here's the trick: you have to be fast. FAST! I recently snatched up the cutest navy blue number, (after many months of being a click too late), and I have to say it is worth the wait. Yana puts a lot of craftmanship into her work and her pieces are all limited edition (usually 2-4 made for each design). Now go sign up for her email list and get your mouse finger ready!

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paperlily said...

Super cute. Love the blue/gray combination.