Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mixed Tape Miracles

Your old mixed tapes can now rest in peace thanks to Sonic Fabric. This unique textile is woven from recycled audio cassettes and can actually be played using an altered tape head. You can purchase the fabric by the yard or buy one of the great messenger bags or dresses made by the Sonic Fabric's creator, Alyce Santoro. Now you can carry your old Poison tape with you 4-eva.

Side note: If you are in the Denver area and have never let the mixed tape fever die, check out Chielle's Mixed Tape Mixer coming up this Tuesday, Dec 5th. Make a mixed tape to trade and enjoy the festivities. Starts at 7pm - 3333 E. Colfax.

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Anonymous said...

And where were you for this event?!?!

It was a good time.