Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Come Sail Away

Is it just me or do all things wonderful originate in Maine? Not only is Maine home to Angela Adams and North Haven Community Days, it's also the inspiration for these great bags. Made from recycled sails, these little beauties are extremely durable and can hold everything.

There are now several companies turning out recycled sail totes - they all have the same bright graphics, but the difference is in the details. Personally, I'm a fan of the Portland-based Sea Bags (left) because of the rope handles, but Reiter8 (right) is by far the most affordable option at $65.

Red Flag Design is the fanciest of the bunch (they're actually from Vancouver to give credit where credit is due). Red Flag bags (below) come in several different styles ranging from duffels to wallets and have nice detail work like woven handles and quilted patches. (Thanks to Jamien, designklub island correspondent)

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Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the props, haven't been online for a while but i check your blog everytime. wicked good stuff.
love from the cold, blustery maine coast.
hi ho denver (in about 1.5 months).