Saturday, October 14, 2006

Normann Copenhagen

On a recent trip to Copenhagen this summer I dragged my friend over to Normann, which is one of the city's design meccas. I love their rubber pot, which can be used as a flower vase, pencil holder - whatever you want. The best part though is that the slotted top holds your item in place, so no more floppy flowers. I was also intrigued by their cognac glasses. Now I'm not really a cognac fan, but I do like the idea of the tilted glass. In fact, these glasses are so nice I'd end up putting juice in there just for an excuse to use them.


Anonymous said...

These remind me of Stemless Wine Glasses

jaime said...

Oooh Nate, my first comment! I like those glasses too, but I feel the tilt is the key here. Even if it tempts you into playing with the glass and thus spilling your drink all over the floor...

Thanks Nate! Jaime