Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Drainpipe for Two

This gives a whole new meaning to sleeping in the gutter. Dasparkhotel in Linz, Austria consists of three refinished drain pipes which are located in one of the city's parks. Complete with a double bed, linens, side table and a little light, these rooms have everything the budget traveler could possibly want. Guests take advantage of the public infrastructure of the park (i.e. you'll be sharing the bathroom with the joggers and the playground crew) as well as local restaurants for all of their other needs. This project is great not only because it gives surprising new life to, well, a drainpipe, but the hotel is also "pay what you can," leaving it up to the guests to be the judge of the project's success. (Via Wallpaper, Oct/06)

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Anna said...

wow...that is seriously amazing! I would worry about safety, but other than that, it's pretty awesome!